To Get Ahead:  USE Your Head!

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If,... when you discuss this with your medical team, you decide to use NRTs and/or pharmaceuticals, that's just fine! Just keep in mind that your Best quit tool is the space between your ears! 

We commonly have a stream of thoughts so strong, so compelling, they actually perceive as "voices." That's your addicted part of your brain. Let it go - don't fight, argue, fuss and frustrate yourself trying to make these thoughts shut down. The more you resist, the "louder," more persistent they seem. 

Focus on another part of your brain, the lateral frontal pole, where you make decisions. It's entirely different from the part that was hijacked by addiction, the limbic system. 

So how does this look since we don't "talk" to our brains directly? (Well, we can but that's another subject for a separate blog!)

A lot of people imagine this process as a parent/child relationship. Your cravings are the temper-tantrum child and your decision is to be the parent.

Parenting Your NicoDemon!

Others like to imagine a river of thoughts washed away by a river of affirmations.

Positive Affirmations and Support

We can envision a general commanding your rebellious troops. 

What ever works for you - the boss is your decision maker. The rebel is your "nico-demon." Please notice with care that your nico-demon  is a part of you! So be kind! You can't extractor exorcise this demon - you have to tame it with kindness. What will happen if you don't is an increase of resistance on both sides of the tug-of-rope with you in the middle!

Here are some methods that work:

DEFUSE Your Addictive Thoughts!

There are others all over this website from 100 Things to do instead of smoking! to (: H.A.L.T. is mighty handy . Take what you like and leave the rest - to be helpful is our only goal! (Thanks, indingrl.01.06.2011)

You get to decide what fits you - the you who will soon confidently say "I don't do that anymore!" Fake it 'till you make it.

Self talk releases tension

Take your pills, put your patch on, chew your gum, all are ok (not vaping! It doesn't work for quitting) but do not forget to use your head!

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YOU Can Do This!