All the reason, none of the strength!

Discussion created by jenn14 on Apr 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2008 by liz-szabo
I was able to cut down from half a pack to 5 a day during my first trimester, quit for my second, and three a day during my third. I'm nursing and still smoke occassionally, sometimes one a day, sometimes as many as five. I have a little devil on my shoulder saying "That's really not THAT bad," even though I keep thinking about all the toxins and chemicals, even in the smallest trace amounts, that I'm giving my baby every time I inhale.
I mean, if someone gave me a dropper and said "Hey, there's about a hundred different toxins in this. Give your baby one drop, he'll be fine," I so wouldn't, but that's what I'm doing everytime I feed him. The hardest cigarette to give up are the ones I smoke with my boyfriend in the evening. He has a five year old that we have custody of, and with a three month old baby, things can get a little, well, ANNOYING in the evening. I love the after dinner cigarette on our pretty back patio, the one we smoke away from the kids with just the sound of the birds and we have a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation. That one is my favorite, I never miss it. It's even better than the "The kids are asleep and the chores are done" cigarette at night. So what's the substitution for THAT trigger? ; )