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Link Appearance Differences, why?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Giulia

I was looking for a blog of mine and so did a search for it.  When I found it, I clicked on the title.  It brought the blog up.  I then went to copy and paste the browser address because I wanted to reference it in a comment to someone else.  It appeared as follows when I pasted it in.… 


I didn't understand why it did not show up as simply the blog title, with an an active link as is usually the case when you copy and paste a link here.


So I went to the group in which the blog was published, accessed it that way,  and then copied the browser address.



When I pasted it in it showed up like this:    It's Gonna Be Okay  Which is what I wanted in the first place.  


In that case the address is actually:  ..../  (without the question mark and  comment ID #.) 

So it's a slightly different address than the first one.  


After much experimentation I finally figured out the anomaly.



When I did the original search for my blog I knew it had the words "dragon fly" in it (couldn't recall the title).  When I clicked on the Link shown below, that's when I was taken to the blog.  



So I think I've figured out that with this symbol:   (with the little white square in the upper right corner) it means it's a COMMENT and if you get to the blog that way and copy and paste the browser address, it will NOT show the title of the blog, it will only show the address.  Even though when you're on the blog page itself it LOOKS exactly the same visually no matter how you got to it.  


I find that confusing.  I suspect others might also (maybe 1?  LOL).   I had that question until I figured it out, but it might just help someone else going through the same thing. Mark