It's Gonna Be Okay

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Oct 24, 2017

When we first quit nothing feels OK.  Especially us.  We feel like fish out of water.  Everything is uncomfortable.  We feel like we've lost our best friend.  We seem unable to cope with anything and are irritated by everything.  Or we're lost in a fog and all we want to do it sleep it away, but our sleep pattern has been altered too.  We tend to cry a lot.  We don't know what to do to get through.  We're told it will get better, but it seems to take sooooo long.  Our entire being seems foreign to us.  And it's UNCOMFORTABLE!


Yup - that's what the early stages of the quit journey feel like.  It's uncomfortable.  We're out of our comfort zone for sure.  Because the behavior that we've practiced for so long - many of us for year and YEARS - is being altered.  It's different to go through our days without our binky, without our "go to" to relieve stress; our reward for an accomplishment, exclamation point on a success; that moment where we can relax for a few minutes and that five minutes to pause to think through sorrow or anger and escape it; the sharing of times with like-minded smokers, that after-meal final fulfillment or the one after sex.. the times alone on our back decks where we got relief with a cigarette in hand...  


When we quit smoking - everything changes.  All our normal routines and behaviors are altered.  (But we have chosen this path to freedom, don't forget.)  So of course we're going to feel uncomfortable.  But only for a while.  


When dragon flies mate, they do so over water and the egg  is deposited in the water itself.  The life cycle of a dragonfly larva begins as a nymph.  It lives in water as it grows and develops.  It is essentially a water-breathing creature and it's REALLY scaring looking.  I've seen one and it's really icky!: 




It can take up to four years to complete this cycle of it's development.   It doesn't take us that long!  Promise!


Eventually it comes out of the water and hangs out on the bank and breaks through it's shell.  A very different looking creature.  It sits there in the sun as the water oozes from it's new body, from it's tail, drop by drop, wings stuck together.

Image result for dragonfly just born



After about 20 minutes the airfoils suddenly open.  There is a pause.  Then a fluttering like manic helicopter blades as the wings dry.  Another moment of stillness and in a breath it lifts into the sky.  Like it was the most natural thing in the world.  I've watched this process.  It was truly awesome.  Breathtaking that moment of liftoff.  To think that this creature had been water breathing 30 minutes prior, crawling around the bottom of the pond, and now it was airborne.  A glorious moment indeed.  Stunning.


I've watched many people quit here and it's an equally glorious moment to see someone achieve that One Year Milestone.  To watch that transformation from frightened nymph to empowered flier.  Many say "I never would have believed I could get here...."  


You know what?  You CAN!  It's gonna be OK.  You're going to go from a muddy smokey tar-breather on the bottom of the pond to an air breather.  Just hang in 'til you find your new comfort zone.  And soar!  


You just have to hold on long enough.  



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