Someone has a really big problem with my quit date being on Halloween

Discussion created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Jan 19, 2019
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I wanted to know if anyone here at this site has a problem with me having my quit date on Halloween. I did not post my 10 years quit on Halloween because someone does have a problem with anything having to do with Halloween on my Facebook page and this person was a member at one time here and I don’t know if this person still is or not a member here I can’t find that persons page but this person did post something very judgmental so I could see it just before my anniversary on Halloween. I did not get into a big stinking argument over this post on Facebook but it does bother me a lot still because this person has seen me post that I do have a quit date on Halloween and I wanted to know who might have a problem with me on this site so just speak up so I know if I am welcome here or not. I am a Christian and I don’t worship anything evil and I picked Halloween as my quit date because I always had a good time on that day with everyone growing up but still someone just had to say something really judgmental about anyone having anything to do with Halloween as if they are the official spokesperson on religion. I did talk to some people on my friend’s list privately here and on Facebook about this and they don’t have a problem with me having a quit date on Halloween and they are Christians also. This person that posted this made it sound like anyone doing anything on Halloween was worshiping evil. If anyone does have a problem with me and does not want to post here just send me a PM and let me know. Having someone crap on my quit date does not feel good and if I am going to be whispered about every year about this just do it here and get it out so I know I am offending you somehow.