Quit date today

Discussion created by Jac123 on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by sweetplt

Hi -  I've made my quit date today, 1/8/19.  I've been cutting back the last 2 months roughly.  I stopped smoking during the day during the week.  I only smoked in the evenings.  Weekends became my weaknesses, as I was not at work.  I have a cough and I don't like it.  I noticed that when I cut back, that every day, I still seemed to be coughing stuff up, it really hasn't stopped, but then again, I never actually stopped.  So I am hoping my cough will finally get better.  


I'm just curious, when you stop smoking, do you look any different?  People say that you can tell by looking at someone that they are a smoker.  So, when you stop, do you stop looking like a smoker?  


Well, we'll see how I do.  I always have at least 2 cigarettes when I get off work while I am driving home, so we'll see how I do.  Thank you.