Fed Up

Discussion created by Gwenivere on Nov 22, 2018
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EI II’m on my 4th day of 7mg. patches with lozenges as craving back up.  I know there is no way around withdrawl, but I was back up to what I smoked adding in the patch.  I did some research about cutting them but a better solution was suggested to just peel half the backing off and adhere it with tape.  Use the covered half tomorrow.  Going to see if this relieves some of the mind fog, fatigue and weakness I have been feeling.  Since stating the patch I’m a walking , grouchy zombie.  It does help with craves.  


I’m as much bothered by the physical as I am the psychological.  Extra sensitive today being alone and missing a close support person.  No place to go expect out to grab a burger for once was a special day of warmth and family.  I also notice my chest hurts now.  Not the heart attack kind, but uncomfortable and I didn’t expect that.  It’s listed for cold and gradual.  So I don’t want to debate that issue.  Some experience it, some don’t.  


I’m just frustrated today this was a forced quit at the hardest time of year.  Just needed to vent.  Want to curl up in my jammies and go to sleep.  Almost 4pm already getting very dark with rain.  I wish I had a good motivation for doing this.