What's the best thing you ever bought at a dollar (type) store?

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This is just to get you newbie minds off of smoking.


My best thing?

A bread knife.

Did you know you can spend $50 on a bread knife?

***ew that with a phillips head!

My dollar bread knife cuts just as well.


I've never seen cigarettes for sale at a dollar store, have you?


2nd third and 4th place go to's

2. little jars of mayo (I tend to throw the big jars away)

3. apple blossoms  (pastries from somewhere up North, begins with a C)

(don't look Daniela)

4. roll sausage (they have 12oz roll sausage by my favorite California brand-Winter's here- It's time for biscuits and gravy and sausage and apple stuffing with that turkey in another month)


What do you like from a dollar store?