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I've taken the advice folks have written on my previous conversation.  My house and my car are now smoke free areas.  I've had a talk with my partner and to my surprise he has agreed to the house being smoke free as well. 

Working on my reasons to quit, which, of course, makes me think of smoking, which makes me want one which frustrates the crap out of me which makes me think of my quit kit so I'm trying out the JUST BREATHE as I sit here typing.  I'm amazed at the maze of twists and turns my nicotine addicted mind has to throw me off my game.  And I haven't even completely quit yet!!!!!

So glad I've been reading a lot on this site because all of you have already prepared me for this happening.  These are the tools I was missing in my previous quits.  So frustrated as I am with my mind game I'm really glad to be putting to use some what I've gathered here.