Down in the Dumbs but............

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Aug 7, 2018
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Today was an odd day for me.  I felt blah, kind of out of sorts.  In the past I would smoke until I looked like a chimney.  I 'thought' it helped.  I did not feel that way today.  I didn't crave for a smoke, nor did I even entertain the notion to Want a cig.

  It was all work related. I own my business and have been trying to figure out ways to keep improving the salon.  Well, they say an Angel listens when you are in need and today my Angel didn't only listen but got me in touch with a new hire that will be doing manicures and pedicures.  Thank God I didn't give in or have an urge to smoke.  

 Today was a Great day and tomorrow will be even better