Did we just watch a wedding or a prediction?

Discussion created by Bree19 on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by Thomas3.20.2010

I wish I had the words to properly express how hopeful today made me feel.  Their wedding was so much more HUMAN than royal events in the past. 


These 2 young people, so in love and natural and happy, may not be aware what an impact their marriage could have on our world.  


Our sadly divided West was shown the possibilities today of what unity and change might bring about.  A black man preaching in Windsor, quoting Martin Luther King - who could have predicted that?  Did you get goosebumps too?  A gospel choir singing in the most British Chapel in England??  Camilla paging to find the lyrics to Stand by Me - cracked me up! 


The Monarchy is accepting and celebrating a divorced, mixed, American actress, welcoming her into their "Establishment"  which started changing when Diana joined them - her sons are  continuing modernising and humanising The Firm, as they call themselves.


I just had to try and verbalise how it made me feel.   I'm still not saying it properly.  Anyone else?