Almost Threw Quit Away¡!!!!!!!!!

Discussion created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on Feb 23, 2018
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Ltop returned from Dell.  Plenty of problems came with......Condensed version with tiny tablet.   Phone calls and Several hours later and 3 techs and a Supervisor later.......Ltop still doesn't work but a call will be Mon .or Tues for Tech appt to my place. Next week we have

 to start taking care of stuff to head north .  My BP was  sky high when done dealing broken English .    General run around .   I really wanted to smoke after seeing my BP and horrible headache.  I didn't but the nonstop crap has gotta Stop!!!!! I'M fighting so hard.....Tonight I had rare soc ial p!ans and didn't get there either.    I am so 

angry I could spit tacks.  A martini, assorted cheeses and crackers.....stuffing my face!!!!!! If I went to party now. I'd tie one on!!!!!