Day 14

Discussion created by Nymous on Feb 22, 2018
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My day 14 today being free from Nicotine. Cravings were intense on day 6, 7 and 8 but it is a lot better. 

I do get cravings now but it is mostly due to associations that the brain has made to specific events like taking a long drive, arguments, stress and long drive.

Some of the things that I have done to resist craving is to make a note of why I want to quit smoking., I actually wrote it down in my phone , things like..Insurance Cost, able to breathe properly , able to do activities with my kids, desire to be healthy and happy during old age ( it is only going to get tougher to get health care when we get old), savings of money, not having to feel like a pariah in the community. Also I have a picture of a smokers lung and a normal lung on my phone. In the past, I have quit many times and I have always told myself " See, No big deal, I am not an addict, I can quit anytime I want " and used that as an excuse to smoke while in reality I was succumbing to my cravings and again getting enslaved by the Nico demon. I sincerely hope that I do  not fall into the trap again.

This site has helped me a lot. I advise all newbies to keep visiting the site and reading others post. In a subconscious way it helps. you and motivates you. It sure has helped me.

Read the elders post , just make it a point to spend just 5 minutes on this site. Put down your thoughts, your strenghts, weaknesses and loudly proclaim every week that "I  am not going to take another puff"