Blogging and thinking - Day 1

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 19, 2018
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I keep a blog elsewhere (info is on my profile if you want to read it) and as I was writing today,  noticed I had a tab open for 10 Keys for Smoking Yourself to Death from WhyQuit. I read it and had to laugh. How does the author know me so well? How did he get in my head and figure out my rationalization, minimizing, and all other things addict? I'm keeping that tab open today. I think it'll be food for me on day 1.


My meter started at noon and so did my quit. I'm determined as hell to make this work. My goals for today are to keep positive thoughts flowing, drink water/tea/water/whatever all day and pee those toxins out, and to not smoke. I'm in the obsessive phase, where I read everything I can get my hands on, collect quit smoking graphics, and add stuff to my quit smoking Pinterest page. I've already vacuumed and have laundry on the horizon today. I will make it till 11 p.m. that's not a tough goal. If you (the reader) can do this, so can I.


I want to stay away from the negative thoughts surrounding quitting. The truth is that I'm giving up nothing. Every false positive about smoking can be dismissed immediately if I think about it. I have 4 Xanax if I get rattled, but I don't plan on using them. I'd rather walk, drink, or sleep off an urge, or write here or on my blog.


I'm going to be reading a lot of your words today, Exers. I need you and know I can't do this alone. This needs to be my last quit.