27 years. Can I do this?

Discussion created by Bdwallhau on Feb 13, 2018
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I’m 45. I’ve smoked for 27 years. I’m a heavy smoker. I’m  so ashamed of this habit and the control it has over my life. I’ve chosen a quit date 13 days from now. Because I’m a private smoker (never smoke around another person), very few people know I’m a smoker. That means I don’t have many support people (husband and sister only). On the upside, it also means no one ever smokes around me. So, I won’t have the issue of people smoking around me as I try to quit.  But I could sure use another support person, maybe someone else who’s on this journey? 


I plan to use nicotine gum along with a support community.  I know this is the fight of my life. I’m afraid, but hopeful. 


Any my tips you can share are welcome. I’ve been perusing the resources here, and will continue to do so. I so want this. I so hope I can do it. 


Thanks for listening. — Dawn