Gaurdian Angel

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I am so blessed my GA is hanging in there with me and for me.

He has and seems to continue to worked so hard, all my Life!

I had a stroke at 55 
Was at a ball game for my grandson,
Felt a little pain for about 1 long second in middle of forehead,
Didnt think much of it.  Climbed down quite a few bleachers when game was over.
Got in car with hubby,  I started to have just a tiny bit,
of slurring as I chatted.  Said to hubby some jokes,

about my slurring.  Then I knew from all all that I have read, and learned
about strokes that something was wrong in my body.

Told hubby I think I'm having a stroke.

He said naw,"  I said yes".  Went to ER,  said I think I had a stroke.

But no visible signs.  They ran me to back of ER,  took pics of my brain,

stroking still occurring; Signed my a lot of papers to stop that stroke.
Got helicopter ride.....Egads!
They saved my life! I saved my life as well! I knew "get help!"
I didn't have symptoms like books, and such say.  Just little cues. 

First hour is so important, when having a stroke.
I know that to be a true in my life.

Thank you God and my GA.  Amen.
One of many health issues after that scare.
Still smoking some .   Ugh.  Prayers Pls to be a Quit!