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All those years of smoking

caused my gums to recede

about 1/8 inch above the enamel. 


So for the past 5-6 years 

I've been paying to have 

the tops of my teeth bonded.


It costs 185 per tooth and needs

to get touched up at least once 

per year and it still looks ugly.


So, I told the dentist I want a plate.

He said "NO-o-o-o-o-o Tammy, you 

won't like it"


So I pay 100 dollars for a consult

at a different dentist about a plate.


He said, NO-o-o-o-o-o, your roots are good.

You should cap canine to canine 

and get two bridges.... 16k for the tops.


And I'm thinkin---- I don't know anyone

who has all their teeth capped -- like 

I don't live in Hollywood.


So then my gf says, go see my dentist.

He will give you a quote on some veneers. 

So I made an appt for Monday, Dec 4th

There is another 100 consultation fee. 


With all the former smokers on here

there has to be someone else who 

completely messed up their teeth.


I Know I'm not the only one.... 


Anyone have any experience with this

that they'd care to share???