Cravings never stop but don't give up ... its been 3 years.

Discussion created by Larry576 on Oct 18, 2017
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Hi all,


Next month (November) will mark the beginning of my fourth year as an Ex-Smoker. In many ways it seems as if I just quit but I know my health as improved. For those struggling to be an Ex or to stay an Ex DON'T GIVE UP.


As my fourth year as an Ex is about to begin you have to know the cravings do not disappear. Each day I am still aware of how badly I want a cigarette ... there are times I've made the comment I'd kill for one. Although that is a great exaggeration, the craving is, at times, intense. For me, I found a few deep breaths work to relieve the desire. And I remind myself that now I CAN take deep breaths.


Congratulations on your success and in your journey. If I can do it you can too. I smoked for 60 years. A pack a day of non-filtered, real cigarettes. We've all heard the comment: "quitting is easy ...I've done it a hundred times." While that may be true the key is staying quit. I still take it one day at a time but for your sake, the sake of those you care about you can do it. Don't give up!