Update on My withdrawal

Discussion created by Fee33 on Sep 29, 2017
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So wanted to update Everyone I didn't smoke any cigarettes didn't buy them I actually stayed up til 3:45am last night and I just started writing everything I was feeling down and I did cry alot but it actually made me laugh in some point I'm like speaking real crap to myself I was like Felicia it's a cigarette come on now it's basically killing you your such a slave to it just kick the habit you went 5 whole days wo one cigarette why would you want it I kept thinking why an I said it's because I don't  wanna face all the  triggers really felicia you had 3 kids and that was no walk in the park but this come onnnnn busted out laughing tears rolling down my face and Im buying me a new church dress for church Sunday! Thanks everyone for all the support I love yall an don't even know y'all personally but I know I'm not on this journey of becoming smoke free alone.