The sheriff just left our house I made a report out

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I got an email on my phone early this morning from my bank that someone made two very large charges on my credit card of $665.90 and $998.77 and I did not do it. So I called the bank and canceled my card and got a new card. Then I called my other credit card bank I had and did cancel that card also just to be safe and they are mailing me a new card from both banks. Then I went up to my bank where my checking account is and got a new debit card just to be safe. Then I called the sheriff and made out a report to try and catch this creep doing this. Somebody used my credit card in the next county. I was shaking like crazy when I saw these charges but did not go out and smoke up over it all. I did call life lock and they are behind me all the way to help me and to even get a lawyer if needed if the bank won’t excuse these charges. I hope the sheriff can somehow catch this creep doing this to me. I have calmed down some now but at first I could not stop shaking. That was my day so far. Now I have to go to Costco to get some med's I hope nothing else happens today that tops this. No smoking no matter what and you know what so far I don’t want a smoke so Yay!  The whole time I was making out the sheriff report our rabbit was running in circles around the sheriff’s feet I could not catch her. Luckily the sheriff did not get mad at the rabbit.