101 Days

Discussion created by Kellybeth on Jun 1, 2017
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101 days smoke free. I felt like in the beginning I would have never gotten here. Being this far in now I would have thought that it would think of myself as a non smoker. But I don't. I know I have said this before but I feel like a smoker who is not smoking. My feelings are strong sometimes and I feel like I am right on the edge of lighting one up. I am very proud of myself.  I had actually lost count of the smoke free days and was only reminded by an email form this site. Al lot has happened. My Husband has told me he wants a separation and was moving out of my house. I tearfully packed up his things when he had our daughter out of the house because I didn't want her to see. This was only last week. I put all his things in the garage were it still remains. I wanted so bad to smoke. I just wanted my sadness to go away. I didn't smoke. But I really wanted too. I have worked at this quit very hard and tried to just get through the craves minute by minute, second by second. I need to set a good example for my 4 year old daughter. I have not smoked in 101 days because I chose not to. I did it. No one did it for me. No one even did it with me. I am also the one whose Husband had been accusing of still being a "closet smoker" I think he was just a bit jealous that I have done what he has not been able to do.

But all that aside I am a strong woman and I got this!!!