A Book, Hallowe'en, Essential Oils and Ghosts

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 17, 2017

It's hot outside, I don't think it's raining, but I still feel sluggish. It didn't help getting the wrong book in the mail. They gave me the right receipt/printout, but the wrong book. I was supposed to get 'The Complete Book of Magical Names (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft)', not a Twilight book. I don't even like Twilight. It's boring. I'm not really into werewolves, but vampires are okay. I like zombies best. And hey, it's closer and closer to Hallowe'en. Samhain. I'll dress up this Hallowe'en. Two years ago I dressed as the man in the back of my mind (his name is forbidden). I'll do it again this year, except spookier. I have a voice changer, I just need to find it again. And with all the walking I've been doing to get my back in better shape and strength, I'll have no trouble walking for the holiday.


I got two new essential oils yesterday. I had mom to pick them up while she was out. I didn't want to go, so I gave mom the money for it. I picked up Peppermint and Lemon. They are soooo strong. I need to start using my lavender on me like I did before; it calms and keeps depression away for a bit. I have had incense burners and other things to put out good smells, but recently I bought a new on that puts out cool steam, using water and your essential oils. I put patchouli in it, quite a bit, and it barely smelled. I may need a new filter for it. It's made of wood and well put together. When I would burn the oils, I put in almond oil with the essential oils, so it wouldn't be as strong, and not stick to the ceramic top. But I cannot use my oil burner anymore. Mom's oxygen is in the house. I'd rather be safe than sorry. :-)

Once I went to Kroger store, and patchouli oil cost $19.99. Crazy outrageous!

I hear people talking again. But I go and no one is here. I hear them in the basement all the time. Our house is haunted, and I'm serious about this. It plays with your mind, especially when you're alone in the house, like I am now. Mom's seen dad, and I've seen grandma. After they passed. I've even seen my dog that died in 2009. My deodorant flew sideways from the dresser to the dog's bed right at I stepped into my room, once. What I hate the most is when a spirit's messing with you, and hides things you need. They usually re-appear in very weird places. Once mom was looking for some papers, and the were under the covers on her bed.. and she had made her bed already. Once mom found cigarettes in the bath tub, along with a roll of toilet paper. Only me and mom in the house. And I was asleep.

Very spooky.