Update and Senses

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 16, 2017

First I wanted to give a little update, blog.

I've been doing pretty well. I never thought I'd make it this far. Yesterday I only had about 8-10 cigarettes. That's a lot, but still, I was smoking 20 a day before this. I can even go longer without a severe craving. When I go longer without one, it gets so much easier to say no, unless 1) something gets on my nerves (which I expect things like this the rest of my life of course, but I do NOT expect myself to keep using cigs for comfort) or 2) I think about it so much that I grab one. But wow, it's been maybe a week since I've been cutting back, and I think I'm doing a decent job. I don't mean to toot my own horn. I've just never thought I'd be able to get away from them. I never imagined myself actually doing this, but I'm doing it! It feels amazing, because I just thought I was cursed to smoke forever. But I am actually cutting down. I'm just so thrilled about this that I ... I just can't believe it. But it's happening. Finally!

Second, I wanted to talk about Senses. Please forgive what I'm about to talk about, because it's kinda gross.
I don't take my cigs with me anymore when I go to do a #2. You know. Poo. I had almost forgot what it smelled like, besides when I picked up my dog's poo when I had to. But I never knew I could stink that much! It's like my sense of smell came back with a double whammy on me. Shooooo! Poo stinks, bad!
Another sense I'm getting back very strong now is taste. I drank some coffee the other day and it has never tasted SOOO GOOD! And I've drank that so many times, but it just tasted like... super-coffee! It was almost heavenly. :-))

I wear glasses because I can't see far away, and my eyesight is really REALLY bad. And I think my ears (hearing) makes up for it. I have tinnitus, but I still have like... sonic ears. But when my glasses are off, not only can I not see, but I also have trouble hearing, which is very strange, because otherwise, they are so sensitive.

And last, I wanted to say that I've been drinking tons of ice cold water, and have been peeing so much from it. It actually DOES help when stopping smoking.

I got some books at the bookstore yesterday. I wanted to get something to do. I mean, I have lots of things to do as it is (I actually need to go through my junk and get rid of some stuff), but I bought books of things I'm very interested in... and I have tons of books, and I just usually use them as references. It's been a long time since I read a book cover-to-cover. But my new books I hope to read like that, cover-to-cover.

I was hoping I could have thought of something else to talk about in this blog, but I can't think of anything else. I wanted to write in my blog, but I wasn't sure at first what to say.

Is there a limit on how many blogs you can make? Blog entries, I mean, by starting a new post?

It's been raining here a lot lately, and it makes my body hurt. Okay, well, I think that's all for now.

Thank you for reading. :-)