4 years and counting

Blog Post created by toddsmith23 on Sep 9, 2019

I'm at my mountain cabin in NE Washington state near the Canadian border. I come up here once a month from Spring to Fall and enjoy the hell out of it!! I got up early this morning, could smell the fresh air and watched the morning awaken as i do every day here. For some reason this particular morning, i realized i had not smoked in over 4 years. Talk about a great feeling!! I'm proud of myself, not only that but i can smell and taste things again. No more waking up in the morning hacking my lungs out, or running outside in my bathrobe to light one up. Such freedom cannot be easily dismissed. Yes, i still occasionally have urges, but they're fleeting and don't last long. I just have to ask myself why i would give up this newfound freedom for slavery again. I have to say, it's only by the Grace of God that i was able to quit and keep quit!!


To all the new quitters, and old. Here's to you!! Keep up the good work and know it'll be worth it in the end.