Blog Post created by tinker343 on Feb 8, 2020

I’m new to EX. Not new to trying to quit smoking. As a newbie here I don’t really know what to expect so if anyone reading can give me any guidance it would be appreciated. Some things I’m sure I’ll learn over time but I’m also not fully blog-aware so just don’t know what to expect. Thanks for your patience.

-I’m 59 yrs old and have smoked since I was 16. Very heavy for most of those years. I am really feeling my breathing suffering from it.

-I transitioned from tobacco to vaping within the last year but that would otherwise seem to be moot to the underlying problem of any inhalation product, all of which I will admit, are bad.

I just admitted to my spouse this morning about my return to cigarettes, while she knew of my vaping and was supportive of that as my alternative, the sneaking/lying behavior is destructive and I am dealing with that fallout, actively.

That’s probably good for a start. It is a new day for me.


i am seeing some options at the bottom of this page about A Places Blog, etc.,but I don’t know what that means. I’ll be trying to figure it out but guidance, again, would be appreciated. I believe I am curious to read other people’s stories to get a feel for the flow of discussion but don’t know where to go..

I want to feel empowered in my journey of quitting and, by being here, hope to benefit from the input of others.

Thank you.