Third Day of the Rest of My Life, I Can't Sleep but Happy to be Smoke-Free

Blog Post created by tibbetsethan on Sep 26, 2020

Hey everyone, this is my first blog post. It's officially the 3rd day. I am using NRT only when I absolutely need it but not as a crutch. I took my Ambien earlier tonight and was able to sleep 4-5 hours all together tonight. Something has me restless and I can't quite get comfortable or back to sleep. I feel like I may be up again until I tire myself out.


I have Huntington's Disease, Depression, Anxiety, and Schizoaffective Disorder so I thought quitting was going to be out of the question, actually my doctor even recommended I keep vaping because he was scared I'd get suicidal or homicidal just because of the drastic changes that come with stopping or slowing nicotine intake so drastically.


Honestly? Yeah I have a few problems with quitting, sometimes I have randomly burst out crying or laughing, I get anxious and sometimes I get cravings so severe I almost can't handle them unless I revert to NRT to help me get through just that. But also, I've learned to not depend on NRT too much, I have learned that regular gum can get you through a craving too, you just gotta get through it in a knock down drag out fist fight. 


Withdrawals haven't been as bad as I thought they would be. I have a headache some, my muscles are a little tired, insomnia is there. I also get sudden hot flashes out of nowhere and have to be in front of two fans at least to cool me down. But it's okay because I already am feeling better, for some reason. 


It's like my body is healing itself, it's easier to breathe, my blood pressure isn't spiking randomly and I'm not getting the pressures in my head when I get up. I'm able to get around a little better than I was. I mean I feel like crap to a degree but physically, bodily? I feel like my body is healing from like... an open sore or a deep scab that is my body. 


I got offered my first cigarette last night on Day 2 and was able to turn it down and talk to my sister about why I couldn't be around smoke right now, she was very understanding and proud of me. That means a lot to me. Everyone I've talked to has been so supportive it's just sometimes I've felt alone. That's why I am on this site. I like reading other people's posts and being able to reply or post stuff. This site has played a huge part in getting me off vaping and cigarettes. 


If anyone ever asks, honestly, ecigarettes/vaping is worse for your heart than cigarettes are because the nicotine amount is so much higher and constricts your blood vessels more and sends your blood pressure and pulse sky high. Don't do like I did and start vaping to quit cigarettes, although it's been a bit of an easier quit than cigarettes, it's still awful that I had to learn the hard way to the point it severely has impacted my health. I'm only 27. I shouldn't have heart disease or even HBP. So, take it from me. Vaping is not a safe alternative. Quit while you can!