11th Day Again...

Blog Post created by tedrhew on Dec 1, 2019

Well here I go again. I'm on my 11th day for the umpteenth time trying to kick the habit. It is a struggle to look back at my other times attempting to quit only to later finding myself sticking that Blasted thing back between my fingers and lips filling my lungs with vile, pungent garbage, while at the same time telling myself, "Ahh just what I needed!" What?!?!
I truly Thank God that I discovered this site because of so many of you that have some of the Best encouragement there is to be found and then I read this:
No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) 
Wow! If there's any truth in the world here it is! All of my failings happened in that timeline! And after reading that post and all of the comments following it... It Ain't Just ME! Because of this I learned! I've got to BUST Through "No Man's Land"!!! I told my family & friends about this so between them and Y'All .. I got to remain strong to bust that wall down!