Do you follow your own advice ?

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Oct 21, 2020

What would you tell your spouse, partner, significant other, best friend, etc., ?


Funny (or not) but I come here daily and I offer my best advice from my own experiences because I care about each of you and your journey quit.  However, when it comes to myself I am not very good at giving myself advice and/or following my own advice.


Along with quitting smoking, I have been dealing with many family issues (not with hubs) but with parents and sister’s.  Much of it has made me sick and has broken my heart.  I have tried to make things right and it has not worked.


Finally, I broke the other day and cried, “how can I do things different?”...”What would I tell someone I love and/or at Ex’s?”


I would say, life is short and sometimes all you can do is pray for those that are no longer in your life...and you need to move forward and start enjoying your life.  In fact, if you have faith, you need to “Let Go and Let God...”...

Well...I am taking my advice...babies steps, but making changes, and enjoying those who enjoy being with me.  I am choosing to be Free of the toxic and negative people in my life.


The same can apply to quitting when the going gets rough, “What would you tell your friend to do?”...


Thank you for letting me share my feelings...Wishing all a nice evening...

~ Love and Hugs ~ Colleen aka sweetp 668 Days of Freedom ~