Blog Post created by sweetplt on Jan 1, 2020

Hi to Everyone at Ex’s...Just some thoughts 


I want to Thank each and everyone one of YOU...I am quit another New Year and so much was because of all of you at this site.  Each of you touched my heart and life...Thank you...I am humbled and grateful.

As you set out on this journey as a newbie...be sure to do the work. Also, keep close to the support site to get help and encourage others on this journey.

A shout out to OldBones-Larry I miss our dear Caravan Master...I hope you come and share some of your wonderful wisdom Larry...I am hoping you are ok...Please know I wanted to wish you a Happy New Years’...


On to a New Year Quit and Accepting Life on Her Terms.  Love and Hugs out to all of YOU...Colleen aka sweetp

394 DOF ~