6 Months of Freedom

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Jun 1, 2019

 Months of Freedom...I am Choosing Life everyday over Cigarettes.  I can’t tell you the Freedom I feel from Quitting smoking.  The difference, this is my last quit and this support group.  If you are struggling, help someone here and encourage them to keep the quit...it will strengthen your resolve to keep the quit.  Be part of the solution, not a part of the problem.


Do I have Craves/Triggers? I have moments (far and few) of thoughts of a cigarette and I remind myself I no longer smoke...it is no longer an uncomfortable feeling, but just a passing moment.


Thank you, to so many who have helped me to get through this journey...I refrain at naming anyone because I don’t want to miss someone...however it is all of you who come here almost daily and lend a hand to everyone.  You have touched my Heart and my Life...Each of you are in my daily prayers...Life is Good, God is even better...


Have a beautiful day and make it smoke~free...Love and Hugs ~ Colleen 180 DOF