One's are the best at 101 Days Free

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Mar 14, 2019

Hi to all Ex's,


A big Thank you to Marilyn for the wonderful post yesterday celebrating my 100 DOF.  Also, a big Thank you for all who celebrated and wrote in the post, I was humbled by all your kindness.


Something I have learned on this journey, is that the #1's count a lot to me.  Day 1 Quit, 1 week Quit, 1 month Quit, 100 day's Quit, my next will be the 1 Year.  Amazing the first week quit, I found I wanted to celebrate my accomplishment with a cigarette, and I reminded myself this is my last quit.  At 100 days Quit, I was simply at Peace and Proud.  


The other thing I learned on this journey quit, is you need a support group.  I wouldn't be here without Ex's.


Lastly, I learned this is so much more about Quitting.  It is going deep inside of yourself and admitting your good and your flaws, letting go of your hurts and those you have caused to others.  Learning acceptance about one's self  and knowing we all have daily stuff, but we can deal without smoking.  If we can't ... there is more going on then just quitting/smoking.  


Peace to all of you this day and I hope those contemplating quitting, do it...even if it is for one day.


Happy Thursday Folks...Love and Hugs ~ Colleen 101 DOF