Day 11

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Aug 3, 2017

I set myself up for failure today not not planning. I ate too much food and felt bloated, which is a big trigger. I rushed all day trying to get ready for work, barely made It. The stress put me in a bad mood, which is a trigger. 


I did did some good things though. I took the daily pledge. I felt the craves and outlasted them. My nicotine patch fell off but I didn't freak out. I knew that I would be okay, patch or no patch. I am planning for tomorrow and the next day so that I am not stressed and triggered all day.


This is usually the time when I veer off course, stop trying to stay smoke-free because I am getting used to not smoking and don't want to work at it everyday. I felt those feelings some today. However, I also felt gratitude for the journey that I'm on. I see myself getting better each day. I feel good about myself when I successfully face each challenge. I've been spinning my wheels for so long, it feels good not to be doing it anymore. 


I guess what I became aware of is that it is a journey, not something I can breeze through and then move on to something else. The journey is rewarding. There is no need to rush to some imagined destination.