Week 2: Day 2

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Jul 14, 2017

I was busy from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep yesterday, so I did not blog. I had some craves yesterday--in the morning before I took my psych meds and in the afternoon after lunch. It seems that my mood and energy level drops after lunch. To keep from smoking, I imagined relapsing and decided not to. Depressed mood seems to be the main thing that is triggering cravings. I am working to accept how I feel when I'm depressed, telling myself that depressed mood will not last. I also try to think of ways to improve my mood other than smoking. I want to practice dealing with depressed mood without smoking because I had months abstinent from smoking and nicotine, then threw it away because I didn't want to feel my depressed feelings. I haven't been able to get an extended period of abstinence since then.


Today has been good so far. I continue to watch my diet, not spiking my sugar or letting myself get too hungry. 


I am starting to think about getting off the lozenges. I am out of the habit of smoking now. I am used to dealing with cravings. I am using the lozenges at the same rate as before, but unlike other quits, I am not as reliant on them for support. I am not scared of the withdrawal as I was before. I've experienced the symptoms and realize they are not too bad. My reaction to the withdrawal symptoms is what makes me return to smoking.


I don't want to use the lozenges long term. I want to be nicotine-free. I'm going to start weaning myself off the lozenges in a few days.