How strong is your commitment ?

Blog Post created by sparky26 on Feb 12, 2017

When I first came to this site almost three years ago. I saw many people who talked about how many times they tried to quit smoking and failed. If you stay here for any length of time you well see a few " serial quilters " . Maybe you were one . Maybe you are one.

This quit was not my first attempt to quit smoking , most all of us have tried at least once before. Or did you , really ? 

I can only speak for me , I would say that I really tried once before ,the other half dozen times ....they had no real commitment to them .

It's scary when you make this step , you want it , but......., well for me anyhow. I did ,but I didn't . That's the addiction  saying no , I enjoy smoking , bla bla bla . All the failed times I always knew I was hoping to smoke again , I was just waiting for the opportunity. 

This time however was different , I was seriously committed .I am committed , no matter what .I know it now . Last week I left the doctors office with my husband , I found out I have colon cancer.

I have to confess , after all this time ,I thought a long drag on a cigarette was what I wanted...then I laughed inside , NOPE.

This is a long blog , hope I can share it . Love you all , thank you for helping me find my freedom.