Rough Day

Blog Post created by smiling_accountant on Sep 2, 2020

Today has probably been the worst day since the first few. It was going along fine, and then it was announced at work that they did another round of layoffs (stupid covid). I am so grateful to have my job still, but a close co-worker was let go. This is the most emotional challenging thing I've faced in my quit, and it almost did me in. That demon reared its head and whispered "no one would blame you for having one", and damn I was having a serious war with myself. I was going to jump on here and shout for HELP, but then a coworker called and took up a ridiculous amount of my time for something I knew nothing about, and by the time that was done the worst of the urge was gone, and I was ok. So while I was annoyed for having my time wasted, it probably was the best thing to happen right then. Blessings in disguise. I'm pretty drained from today, and think an early night is in order.