Surgery Update

Blog Post created by shashort on Oct 7, 2018

Hi everyone!  Well on day 5 of foot surgery and just realized I didnt post a blog.  I atually wrote one but forgot to hit publish.


Surgery went well for the most part of course I had to give them a bit of a challenge and surgery took a bit longer than expected. I am in a boot and have to wear this darn thing 24/7 and using a walker... he said I could bear little weight but use the walker to catch most of the weight.  The real struggle trying to get comfortable sleeping with the boot.  I know this shall pass... I will not smoke over it.


To catch you up.  On Wednesday things seemed okay except pain was starting to get out of control. They sent me home on 5 mg percocet  1 tablet every 6 hours which I was taking regular to keep pain under contol.  I also was sent home with antibiotic clindomyocin to prevent infection.  The antibiotic was causing severe heart burn. It continued to worsen through the day. Thursday I woke up with severe itching and difficulty breathing and pain out of control.  I went to the restroom looked in the mirror and I was broke out with hives every where.  I called Doctor and he sent to me to ER.  They gave me bendryl, monitored my breathing. I Spent all day in ER. but got itch and pain under control. So thankfully the weekend has been uneventful. Don;t see the Doctor until Oct. 24th so hope it heals right. Wish I could do things the easy way.  So again I will not smoke over it.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.