700 Days of Freedom

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 13, 2018

In the beginning of my quit I never really thought  I would  make it through day one and by golly here I am at 700 days without one puff period. I have learned a lot in these past days. I learned to start telling myself I don't do that anymore, Smoking is not an option (SINAO) NO MATTER WHAT happenes in life there are NO EXCUSES to smoke and NOPE (not one puff ever) is the way it has to be stay free.  So if you follow this and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES NOT TO SMOKE like jumping jack, run, take a walk, wiggle, jiggle, giggle, laugh and stay busy doing something comstructive is the way to freedom. I am loving my freedom of being able to anything I  want to do without worries of having to have Sicko Nico bugging me.. Stay strong Newbies you CAN do this one day at a time. Stick with NOPE! Thanks to all my fellow EXers having my back and teaching and showing me how to live this new life of freedom.