2nd events

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 6, 2018

Hi to all.  Still working on the second season and events as a non smoker. My heart is full of sadness and my eyes fulll of tears to have to say goodbyes but I am dealing with it.  Today is the showing and tomorrow is the funeral, which is the 2nd funeral since I quit smoking.  Although I don't anticipate any problems as I really don't have cravings, but I am aware of Nico Demon sneaky ways and will be on gaurd.  My plan is to stay inside and hang with non smokers and enjoy loving on my family today.


To the Newbies always keep your guard up and always saye NOPE!  Always carry your tool box and be prepared to use it.


 I am still peeking in, although not responding to much.  Had Dr. appt and I am not to use my left hand at all.  So far the bone seems to be healing.  I still have the rods in and will for at least 2 more weeks, when I have another Doc appt and xray.  Today is the Showing and tomorrow is the funeral to say goodbye to the best Brother N Law ever. Lots of tears but hanging in there. I am always forever gratefule for my EX family. Love to all and thanks for always with me.