4 weeks post surgery

Blog Post created by shashort on Nov 12, 2017

Well hard to believe I have made it through 4 weeks already.  Although healing started slow  in the beginning with the infection, things seem to be healing right along now. Well that's my opinion as I haven't been back to the Doctor yet.  Still hopping and scooting with the walker as I still cannot bare weight on left leg or hand for 4 more long weeks. This is where is hard for me as pain is decreasing and feeling better, I start getting ansy and wanting to do things.  The boredom has really kicked in and walls closing in some but I know it will pass. Just like with our quits have to do what we need to get us through and know with one day at a time it will pass.  I do have a follow appt on this Wednesday, so will update then.


Thank you all for being here for me, showing me your love care, and prayers. I am forever thankful to be in this family. I want to especially say thank you to Shawn ShawnP  for covering for me on the Freedom Train


Thought I would show a pic of my new thumb (THINGER). Once the healing takes place I will show without the wrap.  Now to get it moving and working as a thumb.  The rod you see in my thumb is what fell out. They believe it fell out due to swelling decreasing and more room for rod to slip.