I am still here!

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 2, 2017

Hi everyone thought stop in and to say I am still here and still at home and slowly getting better.  If I had to compare quitting smoking with going through this infection crap well THEY BOTH SUCKed!!  But at least quitting smoking is doable and at least I stayed functional through the process ( I think!! lol well that could be debateable too haha)  I know I am really thankful I quit smoking before all of this hospital stuff then I would had to plan an escape route to go get my fix.  No  nicotine fix needed so stayed in the bed to recover.. Shew this has definitely been one heck of a ride. Just been lying low. sleeping and resting as much as I needed.  I had a few days where I thought I was going to go back to hospital as I couldn't keep food down. Yes I the stubborn one refused to go back to the hospital. I think they made me sicker.  Recovery has been going slower than I would have liked but none the less I am finally feeling a bit better.  I am keeping food down and sucking down the protein for healing in hopes to get this darn wound vac off my hip area. I am praying so hard that the healing speeds and the wound vac comes off in time for VA Beach. It has been rough going but I am  at 324 days and determined I am going to celebrate my 1 yr which is in 41 days away upright and hopefully in VA.  Thanks for praying and all the support. I truely believe the EX is my rock and thanks for being here to go through it with me and for all the hand holding.