What it was like, what happened, and what it's like now : Part 1

Blog Post created by seanna452 on Aug 13, 2017

Today is Day 2 ! I had four solid days before this and then decided to "share" a cigarette with someone. Finally, decided to try this website. my roommate recommended it. it's seems pretty cool so far. I love community, sharing, and creating art (writing) so this seems like a great fit. Here it goes...


What it was like: 


My first smoke was when I was around 7 or 8. Stealing one from my mother's pack of Virginia Slims, a proper right of passage for any true child of the early 90's. Mischievous firestarter that I was, naturally I shared the experience with a neighborhood friend. 


Old Friend cigarette didn't come knocking on my door until the age of 18. After the first "real" heartbreak I had experienced. It was Christmas of 2006 and I had just been broken up with the night before. Not before having gifted them a new Ipod with somewhat hard-earned money of my own, which when you are a live-at-home teenage stoner working at a Togo's Sandwich shop is an extremely big deal. 


The day I actually starting smoking I was getting high (af) per usual, so as to not feel any emotion around what I couldn't quite articulate or communicate at the time. I saw my stoner buddy Fred smoking a Marb Red and I said "Hey!...Can I get one of those?"


Thus the story begins, along with smoking pot and drinking, tobacco joined the frequent party bus that was my life from the age of 18-24. oh the Glory days of blackouts and adult swim reruns.





To be continued...