it's a new life

Blog Post created by scout619 on Oct 17, 2019

i joined to help a friend of mine who joined here. hi Hedy1989 Thank You  

i'm at 6 months and 20 days of quitting smoking.   

i smoked for over 20 years and ended up at a pack a day.  the main thing that helped me quit was a non smoking app, chantix, gum and loving support from family and friends not to mention my body just had enough.


at 6 months, my body is adjusting to life without a cigarette.   it's a bit scary because i can feel the damage i have done and can see why people who have smoked this long has had a hard time with quitting... as if quitting isn't hard enough.


i have gained about 20-25 pounds which i thought was a small fallacy about quitting smoking... so now i am concentrating on that..  to shed the pounds.   it was frustrating because i did not feel i got to celebrate quitting and gained weight instead... but it's okay !!!    i have accepted that the weight gain is just a trade off and every day step by step i can get even healthier !


i still miss cigarettes but i think i have had a long run with it.  i am learning new things..  like being the one without a lighter.   watching others go smoke and now being part of the group that stays behind.   little things like that.


i am a bit sad that i was smoker.  i wish i never had.   so just for today i will be happy that i am no longer one.  and then day by day i can add more time....     


good luck and best to wishes to my dear friend and all of us who lived the smoker lifestyle and ready to try a different one without it !!  <3