Blog Post created by sbbain1 on Mar 29, 2019

Hi there Ex's!


I know I don't come around much anymore and its usually only on my QUITversary! It's my tradition, I guess. I'm still an EX and enjoying a healthy life! I quit smoking when I was 48 and started running. I'm now 54 and still running. I now have 2 beautiful grandchildren, Cade is 3 and Everlin will be a year next month. I RUN every chance I get. It's my me time and helps my mental health too. I have come to a tough realization that I may never run a full marathon and I'm OK with that. I enjoy running shorter distances and usually compete in 5-6 half marathons a year along with numerous 5 and 10Ks.


I still share my story every chance I can in hopes that I can help or encourage someone else to quit smoking. One side of my husband's family all smoke and it is very hard to be around the drinking and smoking and not because of temptations, but because of the smell, smoke and how bad it is to breath. I know my daughter avoids bringing the kids to functions because of that too. You don't realize how inconsiderate smokers are until you are an EXSMOKER!  I used to drink a lot when I smoked and now I might drink once a month if even that. In addition to smoking, I had a drinking problem too that I didn't realize until I quit.


I hope you are all doing wonderful and I will try to pop in more often so I can encourage the new quitters! 


Have a blessed weekend and keep up the good work!


Stacey Bain