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  I smoked my last cigarette on July 11, 2007.


  I'm 61 years old. 30 years ago, I quit smoking by going to Shick Center. If you aren't familiar with this, they use aversion therapy. This type of therapy is to retrain what your brain thought was beautiful and good to what it really is, -dirty, smelly unhealthy etc. Every time you put a cigarette to your mouth, the nurse zaps an electronic strap that is on your wrist. So as you sit in front of a hazy old mirror dripping with nicotine getting an electric shock. You do this for one hour each night for 7 days. If you can smoke a cigarette by the end if this, they will refund your money (30 years ago it was $500).


  So, for 15 years I didn't smoke. When I got divorced, I pick up my friends cigarette and took a puff. On the way home, I bought a carton.


  Starting to smoke again, was the most stupid, shameful, embarrassing, inexcusable thing I have ever done. I knew if I stopped smoking again, I would have to find a clinic like Shick, something drastic, -not cold turkey, not gum, no patch, no "countdown", or with a buddy.


  From a friend, I heard about a laser treatment that had good results. I looked for some info on the www and found a place near by. This is more of a holistic approach. With a cold laser the nurse zaps your acupuncture points (around your ear, on your wrist, on your forehead) and 20 minutes later (and $500) you are a non-smoker. In all honesty, this time is harder. Maybe I was more driven 30 years ago. Even today, I still get massive cravings. These cravings are just as strong as ever but they do't last as long or come as often as in the beginning.


  I think that I have stayed strong because of my own power. It was so degrading for me when I started to smoke again that now, if I started again, I just wouldn't be able stand myself, or the shame.


  Lets face it, it's stupid and it's a guaranteed painful death. What more need be said.


  -there more to be said, believe me. It's a very, very hard habit to stop. Johnny Cash said quitting heroin was easier than quitting cigarettes. and, I don't doubt it.


  Good luck to all of you. If you can quit smoking, there isn't anything you can't do.


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