Blog Post created by sandi8 on Mar 14, 2019

It has been 10 years today that i decided to quit smoking. It was a rough year. One and a half months into my quit my Mother-in -Law (who was more like a regular mom) to me passed away suddenly. I thought my whole world was gonna end but i didnt give in to smoking because she was so PROUD that i was quitting.  The people on this site helped me so much NOT to go back. The words of support and the heartfelt condolences meant the world to me. . Months later the whole basement flooded. 4 ft of water . That nic demon was sure tugging at me again, and again with the HELP of this site i prevailed.  I would sit here and CRY, VENT and do whatever  I needed to do so i wouldnt go back to smoking.  LIFE GOES ON. ups and downs. YOU CANT GIVE UP THE FIGHT.  Use this site and support. It is so worth it.