What the heck do I do with my hands?

Blog Post created by ruesella on Nov 2, 2020

The fidget is real. On Day 4 of quitting, and dang, do I really really wish I had my Juul at my fingertips. Not even because I want it, just because it has become a security blanket. 


I could knit, or crochet, but I'm working at my desk and those are two activities that need more focus than I can give them during the day (maybe I'm just not a great crafter? ). Toothpicks? Gnawing on my own fingers? The trigger-happy itch in my fingers is what I'm finding most difficult to deal with. Nicotine cravings are manageable, mood swings are ... whatever. It's 2020; the whole year has been a goddamn mood swing. That I can handle. It's how BORED MY FINGERS ARE which is what may do me in.