I Will Not Smoke...

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Jul 10, 2017

20 days ago, I would have lit up a smoke the second I walked out of the doctor's office.  What I did this time was cry and call my husband.  I handled it differently this time.  I did it!  For that, I am proud of myself and grateful for the tools I am learning to conquer the little monster.  I am listening to Alan Carr's Easy Way AGAIN!  I repeat NOPE.  I read.  I pay attention to what the Elders say.  


I have 19 days behind me.  19 glorious days.  


I had surgery on June 27.  My July 3 follow up went well, but then the infection started again last Thursday.  My surgeon is on vacation for the next three weeks.  I saw the cover surgeon today for a wound check.  I don't know this doctor.  I've never seen him before.  This cover doctor is recommending ANOTHER surgery (this will be the fifth in 9 months) to fix the recurring abscess and infection problem I am experiencing.  He explained everything well, but I admit my head was spinning.  I heard remove, excise, and re-sect.  


Surgery is scheduled for Saturday morning.


I called my primary doctor.  I need reassurance.


Most importantly...I did not smoke and will not smoke!