The Early Days in My Quit Journey

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Jun 26, 2017

I am 6 days into my quit journey.  I have 5 DOF behind me.  I am amazed every evening before I go to bed that I made it through another day.  I wake up in the morning and smile that I have another DOF behind me.


The cravings are passing moments.  I reach for a cigarette and realize I don't have any and I quit.  I take a breath.  The feeling passes.  Breathing has been the best thing for me.  I call it square breathing.  In for a count of 2 and out for a count of 4.  The craving passes.  I am ok.  I can do this.


My sense of smell is more sensitive.  I can smell a smoker from the distance.  It smells awful and I cannot believe I used to smell like that.  I can smell perfume and it takes everything I have not to hold my nose.  I have been fortunate that I have not been able to smell someone else BO yet.  LOL!


I found this community on my quit day.  I have been planning and convincing myself to quit since February of this year.  I finally took the plunge for the fourth time in my life on June 21,  I cannot look to the past and say I wish I would have or why did I ever start again?!  I need to look to this moment and keep my quit precious.  Every moment....every minute...every hour....every day.  I want to be rid of this addiction and in order to do that, I have to be aware it is an addiction that can grab hold of me at any moment.


I am reading everything I can.  I got my book on tape of Alan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking and began listening to it in the car this morning.  I check in everyday to the daily_pledge and read new posts.  Throughout the day, I keep checking to see if there is more.  


Right now, this community helps keep my quit precious and I am forever grateful I stumbled onto it.  


I plan to keep coming back here.  It works and I am worth it!