National Smoke out

Blog Post created by rj_ on Nov 18, 2010

Hello All,


I am Rj, and I am a nicotine addict, I have been nicotine free for 3 yrs 2 mos 1 day 2 hrs 45 min I have not smoked 46325 death sticks and have saved $9720. and 160 days of life have been added back to my life.


I started at 8 yrs old and was a hard core smoker from 13 yrs on, I averaged two packs a day but at times was up to 4 packs. I was a firm 2-3 pack a day user when I went cold turkey on 9-17-2007.


That being said I just heard on the radio about the national smoke out day, I just had to give a little cheer on this day. For those new quitters out there YOU ARE NOT ALONE, thousands of ex smoker nicotine addicts have suffered through the first 72 hrs of withdrawl,


Trust me when I say if we can do it you can do it, Mindset is the single most important thing for success, there are many list of pointers, helpful hints etc out there, I personally found the best most truthful information at whyquit.com it is a hard core cold turkey site, but there is so much educational information on the site it allows you to make up your own mind.


I had a fairly successful 32 month cold turkey pause in 2000-2003, I simply stopped and suffered but refused to give in, then because I did not educate myself to the true nature of this addiction I fixated on the just one and within a couple weeks was back to full fleged using. It took 4 yrs to get the courage to quit again.


This quit, because of the education I gave myself, is so much better than that cold turkey pause, so much easier at the beginning because I knew it could be perminate and I'd never have to go through the withdrawl again.


If you are out there and reading this, you have made a decision or are seeking information or encouragement.


I now only stop by occasionally to offer encouragement, but know this, It can be done, and it will be the best thing you can do for yourself and family.


Quit today, and stay quit forever by simply never take another puff, not one puff ever.


If you have read this and or previous entrys and like what you have seen feel free to touch base with me at my direct e-mail [email address removed]


Best to all




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