Oh My, It's Been Awhile.

Blog Post created by pmt on Dec 30, 2019

Hi All, I miss blogging, gonna start this back up again.   Been preoccupied assisting my ex-husband with medical issues.  Everything is coming together for him now.  He suffers with Parkinson's and Dementia.  Was not taking his meds as scheduled and hadn't seen his Dr. in over a year.  Poor guy, he was a mess and so was his home.  He now has a great Dr., meds have been adjusted and on Dec. 2nd.  I, with the help of my awesome boyfriend, moved him into assisted living near our daughters.  This was such a huge change for him, but he did pretty good.  Friday evening he called and told me that he owed me an apology for being difficult and unappreciative for what I was doing for him.   Said he hasn't felt as good as he has in the past week and a half in over a year.   Wow, that was the reward we were all looking for.  We hope it continues for him.  At least we know he is in a safe place now.   So at the end of this conversation The Strongest Dam Urge Came Upon Me To Celebrate With A Smoke.  I was flabbergasted!!!   How dare that happen!  Didn't Do It!     


Update on Skylar, she is so dang cute, but oh my gosh she is a hand full.  A real destructive chewer and digger.   Anything within reach is fair game for her.  Just hit 7 months old.  OMG she has sooo much energy.  


Tomorrow hopefully another rambling blog.  Have a good day my friends!!  :-)